Founding Partner: SparkPost

Our original founding sponsor for some ten years ago was PowerMTA from Port25.. with barely a few posts online and an outline of what we had planned Fred Tabsharani reached out to discuss sponsorship. We will forever be grateful for that early vote of confidence and the ongoing financial support we received. In 2015 Port25 was acquired by one time rival MessageSystems and shortly thereafter the company known as SparkPost was born. Coming full circle for the relaunch of emailexpert, SparkPost has committed to sponsorship at the highest level as Lifetime Founding Partner.

It is truly an exceptional honour and incredible opportunity to have SparkPost as a Founding Partner for the relaunch of emailexpert.

Founding Partner status represents a significant financial investment and long term commitment to partnership whereby both brands work together to co-promote their respective platforms and initiatives in the messaging space. We are humbled by the support being shown by team SparkPost and the family of brands.

We will be showcasing a number of the family of brands including eDataSource, PowerMTA and SparkPost in upcoming webinars on the new emailexpert which will be launching on our brand new domain

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