Accelerator Benefits: Twilio SendGrid for Startups

Whilst we have not joined any official accelerator and have only just incorporated we have been ‘rolling our own accelerator:decelerator’ … that is the problem we have found with many accelerators, you are put on a train that goes like a speeding bullet… which is great for a few, but what happens for many is a crash and burn because there is no decelerator, there are no brakes!

We have been building this for 10 years now and only just now launching a business and commercial platform around the brand, we are prepared to be patient when necessary. At the same time the support of the startup ecosystem that has grown out of a silicon valley mindset offers many valuable opportunities. So it has been great to learn that a few select organisations are prepared to have ‘self nominations’ or referrals from places other than traditional accelerators.

We are very happy, and extremely grateful to have the support of Twilio for Startups and to be accepted into their startups program. We look forward to their support in all area’s of developing and growing our platform and business. Their free SMS credits alone will be a significant cost-saver enabling us to verify our users and most likely provide 2FA as standard. Their API’s however open up all kinds of opportunities with Twilio for WhatsApp and Twilio SendGrid.

More news on the integration and the benefits of our participation will be coming over the next 12 months. If you know of or run a program for startups then please let us know. We are currently seeking a formal introduction to Google Cloud for Startups for increased startup benefits. If you can help please reach out!

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