About emailexpert

emailexpert was originally started more than 12 years ago late in 2008, early 2009. It was originally published as an industry resource by Andrew Bonar an opportunity to highlight and showcase a community of email experts with guest blogs and interviews.

In late 2019 we incorporated as business with co-founder Nailya ‘Nely Bonar Mukhamedzhanova. We initially launched with our focus being the launch of emailexpert.com

This was going to be launched with great fanfare at our own industry event the “Inbox Expo International Email Technology Conference”. Well that was meant to be at the Science Gallery on March 18-20 2020. At the very last moment we had to pivot our efforts from a hybrid to an online event, successfully doing so with the support of over 80 international speakers.

With a pandemic hanging over us and so much enthusiasm and appetite for our events we went on to launch a series of events online throughout the pandemic including Deliverability Summit and Festival of Email. Through late 2021 and early 2022 we were able to hold hybrid events again with face-to-face elements. We have held successful events in Miami (Festival of Email), Valencia (Inbox Expo), London (Deliverability Summit).

There are more events planned for 2022 and plenty of upgrades of our community of sites in the works.

Excited about what the future holds

Andrew Bonar