Founding Partner: Pepipost

The emailexpert team welcome the Pepipost brand on board as a lifetime sponsor of the new emailexpert platform. We are especially humbled by the level of commitment from Tanishq Juneja the Pepipost CEO who made the decision to commit as a founding partner sponsor. The commitment as lifetime founder partner sponsor ensures that both brands will work together closely on a permanent basis.

More than a one off financial commitment from Pepipost, there is a long term strategy to engage audiences from both brands to co-promote each other. PepiPost are the transactional ESP that launched with a policy of not charging you for any emails that you send that are opened by your recipients!

That is one hell of a way to onboard the best type of clients as you grow and to encourage best practices and to encourage your users to work with their most engaged segments. The team here has always loved the concept behind the Pepipost pricing model and whilst it was unlikely to last forever it was a great way to build a brand.

We will be introducing the platform and talking in more detail about where and how the Pepipost concept was born in upcoming webinars on the new next year!

This post was edited a few hours after publication to amend some technical inaccuracies (free email for those that open is no longer offered by Pepipost).

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