10 years on and founders supporters again accepted!

This post was first published on Linkedin as part of a lightning crowdfunding campaign.

More than 10 years on from the first blog posts being published the emailexpert site is due to relaunch. The site was pulled in large part because so much of the content was out dated, it was a disservice to the email community to keep it online without drastic rework. I saw far too many other sites afraid to prune their poor content and for me at least this led to trust and confidence issues. I did not want that happening with emailexpert, it was after all the first site to publish interviews with Sri Somanchi from Google as well as many other extremely popular reviews and many other evergreen posts from industry leaders. Much of the best posts from the past will be made available again in our archives.

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I have spent nearly a year working with my partner on the new emailexpert platform as a second unpaid job and as a passion. It has been a great response from those we demo’d it to at various stages over the past year. Previews shared publicly have also been warmly received and questions and feedback have been incorporated to improve site functionality. We have a long way to go, we plan to move to ElasticSearch in the future for example. But we are very close and an amazing opportunity has come our way to help propel that launch, some badly wanted digital assets. I do not have the cash-flow to support the acquisition however. So I am reaching out to my network to see if this opportunity cannot be turned into a win-win for everyone who wants to be forever remembered and acknowledged on as a founder supporter of emailexpert.

opportunity for 6 organisations to come on board as founder supporters

When I first came up with emailexpert back in 2008 I wanted a budget for Licensing Images and AdWords, I went looking for a founder supporter. Not wanting to be bogged down by commercial considerations of lots of advertisers I offered it to several organisations but advised there would only be one place available at that time. More than a decade later I am happy to say we are looking for up to 8 more founder supporters. Actually in the time it took to complete the draft of this post I have had 2 vendors commit their support!

We have been given an opportunity to acquire some digital assets that I am sure will help cement our place in the market and propel our launch and growth.

No surprise, long established emailgeeks all remember emailexpert, love it, loathe it or indifferent. PowerMTA took me up on my offer in 2008 and to this day I am still happy to honor our agreement and acknowledge that support. You can be sure your investment will be paid back many times over, and your organisation will see returns for many years.

Savvy vendors have an opportunity to make a marketing investment of a few hundred dollars that will payback for many years!

We have over 500 vendors listed on the new site already. This provides visitors an awesome opportunity to drill down and select vendor according to a variety of needs and requirements. Complete vendor listings include displaying their associated events and conferences, available vacancies and blog headlines, social media feeds as well as links to everything from Github Repo’s to Crunchbase and others including the usual suspects like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Vendor locations, specialties and employee numbers and turnover where available.

Vendor backend includes stats on performance of listings.

As you might imagine there will be promotional opportunities to enable your business to stand out. We also have full GDPR compliant tracking, stats and visibility into your visibility, views and interactions on the platform.

If you remember emailexpert you will appreciate this opportunity is a bit of a no-brainer just for lifetime acknowledgement as founder sponsor, but I will also be providing a range of added value.

More details available here

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